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The Molecules of Hipness
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Date:2016-06-01 11:41
Subject:Hey, Trumposaurus!
Mood:Hail, Trumposaurus, conqueror of reality!

I'm not the first person to use the term "Trumposaurus" ("Trumpasaurus"?), but I'm the first to come up with the chant

Hey, Trumposaurus,
Please don't bore us!

I picture an army of (mostly) men, (mostly) in shorts, with mullets and baseball caps turned backwards, chanting at rallies. Then they march back to their man caves to eat meat and drink "America", the beer formerly known as Bud (the beer I call Bortweezer).

I can also see The Trumposaurus coming up with his own brand of beer, even more watered down than America/Bud, yet somehow considered even more "manly". (WWHD?*)

Is it a disruption of The Trumposaurus's bloviations? Is it support? Or just a dream I dreamed one afternoon long ago? And does this mean that I'm supporting Phil Lesh for president?

*WWHD: What Would Hillary Drink?
Martinis? Bloody Marys? Backwoods Arkansas moonshine? Whatever is being served for free at the latest Wall Street party she's attending?

I don't imagine The Trumposaurus actually drinking his own (hypothetical) brand of beer. What would he drink? Comments welcome.

I imagine Sanders drinking some local Vermont craft beer, if he drinks beer. Maybe he's a home brewer.

This post was written under the influence of only caffeine, and only a moderate dose. (And next time I get an ice coffee at Taco Bell, I'll ask for more than one sugar.)

But what I really want to know is - will The Trumposaurus support my 2006 proposal for a Global War on Bathtubs? http://hipnessmolecule.livejournal.com/7249.html

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Date:2016-01-19 23:46
Subject:All Hail the Trumposaurus!

I haven't heard anyone put forward this argument for Trump - that as president, he would scam the other wealthy countries out of their wealth, just like he's done with his business associates. He can't promise that out loud, because that would put the other countries on alert.

How could anyone trust someone with hair like that? At least one person was too weirded out by Jim Jones's sunglasses to join his merry little band back before he moved the operation to Guyana.

As far as his out-loud pronouncements - they're pure showbiz addressed to a certain demographic.

A prediction - Even if nominated, Trump won't really run. Instead, he will start "The United Trumps of Trump," a country with no Muslims or any people who can see through him, so he can have his very own land, completely populated with marks. (Mark = person easy to scam). He will start Trump-Mart stores there, which will pay its employees purely with his mystique. His picture will be on all the money, in different poses.

Or he'll also start a string of theme parks. At the moment, I can't think of a silly enough name for them, so you are all invited to suggest one.

My current name for the man himself is Trumposaurus. Or Flugel (short for "flugelhorn", just like "trump" is short for "trumpet").

President Flugel? Feh...

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Date:2011-09-19 13:52
Subject:My contribution to Wikipedia

I'm about to add this to the article on kayfabe, a word I learned while reading the Wikipedia article on Andy Kaufman [it helps to know the word before reading further]:

Along with educated laypeople who were left either shaking or scratching their heads, political scientists, historians, and other scholars are still piecing together their determinations of which activities of top members of the administration of President George W. Bush (2001-2008) were kayfabe. Some examples: the use of waterboarding and other questionable interrogation practices; the dadaist testimony before Congress of Attorney General Alberto "I can't remember a damned thing" Gonzales; President Bush's tangled syntax; revealing the identity of an active CIA agent and hiding the identity of the revealer, while claiming that doing such a thing was a terrible crime that should be punished most severely; the invasion of Iraq on a pretext that quickly fell apart, followed by President Bush's crawling under tables in a mock search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction; the strange incident with gay escort/"journalist" James Guckert/Jeff Gannon. Making it even more tangled (or tying it all together?) was Stephen Colbert's roasting of Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents Association dinner.

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Date:2011-09-19 13:33
Subject:Rick who?

I thought Katy was the famous Perry...

If Rick Perry can pull off this kind of thing, why couldn't Pat Robertson back in the day? Are enough Americans really that mean spirited that they'd vote for another Texas governor noted best for his large number of executions?

But primary season is yet to come! Perry and Bachmann could end up chewing each other up.

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Date:2009-11-25 15:01
Subject:The Inevitable Zhu Zhu Bubble

I just heard about the Zhu Zhu, the latest successor to the Beanie Baby. How long did the Beanie bubble last? Apparently, the Zhu Zhu bubble won't last nearly as long.

Does anyone actually buy these things at 10 times their retail value in order to play with them, or is everybody hoping to resell at a higher price, or planning to hoard until the price goes even higher? If so, good luck, because you'll need it!

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Date:2009-08-12 02:19
Subject:Two Odd Things - one unexpectedly dredged up from my memory, the other one new to me

Guess which is which:

Journal of Ride Theory (a zine)

Oedipus in Disneyland (a book)

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Date:2009-07-31 16:24
Subject:Finally, a New Kind of Spam!

The only two kinds of spam I've been seeing for a long time are:

"ehnace your pneis"


"you've won some fabulous sum of money for some odd, contrived reason, and you need to reply with a lot of information about yourself (and a bunch of money) in order to collect it"

But today I got something new, and maybe I should even frame it. "A Zero point magnetic power generator is basically a Free Energy Generator. It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion."

Wow. I should write back, if only out of gratitude for sending me new spam for a change.

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Date:2009-04-28 18:22
Subject:Another obvious example of self-reference

[From http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090428/ap_on_go_co/us_specter_switch]

Not long after Specter met privately with Republican senators to explain his decision, the party's leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, said the switch posed a "threat to the country." The issue, he said, "really relates to ... whether or not in the United States of America our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants, without restraint, without a check or balance."

This brand of rich, blatant irony might drive the more familiar "hip," conscious irony out of business.

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Date:2009-01-31 04:18
Subject:Maybe I can parley this entry into a career as a futurologist

Sorry, kids, that I haven't been very active here. Neither have I been active at my "Left-hand corner of the universe" blog.

But after a bit of goofing around with Google while I wasn't even drinking anything (though I was hitting the pretzel jar pretty hard), I can confidently make this prediction -

(drum roll)

Here it is, and what it is, too...

(more drum roll...)

100 years from now, one of the bands that will survive the test of time will be known by then as "Buffalo Springsteen." What I'm less sure of is whether the Gram Parsons/Byrds song "100 Years From Now" will be remembered then, too.

That's a lot more likely than the kind of prediction that says that by 2099 music playing devices will be in the form of earrings, or embedded in special tattoo ink. Will there even be electricity then, or will people be rubbing sticks together to make fire? (I think people will still know about fire and music and water and ice cream and maybe even earrings and tattoos, but I'm not so sure about dual core [or giga-core] CPU's, desktop publishing, hard-core virtual gaming, or iPods, or computers or even electronics at all...)

* * *

Idea for a high concept (?) sci-fi movie. Everybody on earth somehow ends up cryogenically frozen (perhaps due to a clerical error), leaving nobody ambulatory until a small group of survivors emerges from their tanks, whose cure for their serious illnesses turned out to be - coldness. Oh, and some Inuit emerge, too. Kind of sort of "Buckaroo Banzai" meets "Nanook of the North."

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Date:2008-10-23 12:22
Subject:President Obama. Get used to it!

If he stays alive, and there isn't too much vote-rigging, I don't see how Obama can lose...

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Date:2007-10-24 04:12
Subject:What needs to be done - short essay contest winner

"There is, I believe, only one solution to the crisis we face. The American people must make the decision to dismantle both the empire that has been created in their name and the huge, still growing military establishment that undergirds it. It is a task at least comparable to that undertaken by the British government when, after World War II, it liquidated the British Empire. By doing so, Britain avoided the fate of the Roman Republic - becoming a domestic tyranny and losing its democracy, as would have been required if it had continued to try to dominate much of the world by force."

Chalmers Johnson

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Date:2007-02-10 02:15
Subject:The Leader of the Free World

Linus Torvalds, who else? Certainly not the current POTUS.

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Date:2006-09-12 10:11
Subject:The War Against - Bathtubs (TWAB)

According to Professor John Mueller:

"Outside of Afghanistan and Iraq, the number of people killed around the world since Sept. 11 by groups in sympathy with Al Qaeda is not that high. These are horrible and disgusting deaths, but they're not a sign of a diabolically effective organization. The total is less than the number of Americans who drowned in bathtubs during this period."

I propose a war against bathtubs. It's unpatriotic for an American to harbor a bathtub, and troops and other authorized personnel should be free to enter any residence containing a subversive bathtub and shoot it into oblivion. If the harborers of these terrorist devices offer any resistance, they too should be shot into oblivion, or arrested and subject to interrogation. Doing it that way should cost enough to offer needed subsidy to the military-mercenary-security industry complex.

After all, weren't bathtubs invented by the Muslims - or maybe the nefarious French?

And round up those people selling snorkels and other pansy terrorist-loving "bathtub safety devices."

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Date:2006-09-11 18:19
Subject:Do It Yourself Impeachment Kit

I'm gonna try this - how about you?


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Date:2006-08-12 21:42

(Both of them, maybe more.)

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Date:2006-07-25 14:42
Subject:Overcoming the Separation Between Inner and Outer

This could be added to the May 5 post, but then nobody would see it. So here it is. This is a remark by Ronald H. Brady, from his article "Getting Rid of Metaphysics":

"If the total independence of thinking from the objects of thought is taken to be a basic principle, then the task of thinking is to create an inward reflection, in thought, of an independent outer reality. But as a basic principle, this must be assumed at the outset of our science. After all, if we do not assume the principle, if one were to question the independence of the objects of thought from thinking, as I have done, the investigation could not be mounted on the reflective model, and such thinking would not be "scientific." The "metaphysical" basis of science, in the modern sense of a principle adopted without evidence, shows in the conspicuous absence of a form of thought which could investigate such evidence. Scientific thinking is limited to a form of thought that cannot question its own premises."

One related issue is the amazement that modern scientists express about how mathematics matches up with physical phenomena. They don't see the math and the physical reality as being two sides of the same thing.

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Date:2006-07-13 15:21

Jazz musician Dave Frishberg once wrote a song called "Marooned in a Blizzard of Lies". Every day, it seems more and more relevant and broader and broader in its application.

It's as if the entire country were a vast spy network, where everyone is fooling everyone else, and everyone is an agent, a double agent, even a quintuple agent.

I think even those who think they know which agenda they are serving are wrong. There are layers above and below what passes for the "deepest" or "highest".

In other words, even though soneone like Dick Cheney seems to think he knows what he's working towards, there are others doing significant things he doesn't know about, and those people are in the same situation as well.

So what does all the lying and spying accomplish in the end? Few people have given this much thought, but it wouldn't hurt to start.

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Date:2006-05-23 16:24
Subject:Very very short

This is a poem dreamed by lucid dream researcher Stephen LaBerge - he saw it written on a piece of paper:


Is this a new genre - deep doggerel?

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Date:2006-05-15 18:48
Subject:Burning Trousers

This morning, I heard Sen. Mark Dayton give his rationale for wanting a constitutional amendment against flag burning. To me, this adds weight to the sad motto, "You have rights in this country, but God help you if you try to exercise them."

I have an alternative that could be very effective, and it's immune from any attempts to amend the Constitution against it. Whenever the lying so-and-sos from the Weed Regime (or any lying so-and-so's of any stripe who are confusing duty and responsibility with power and "electability") emerge from their rat-holes, they should be confronted by a squad that either sets fire to a pair of trousers, or displays a large banner depicting a pair of burning trousers, or both.

Maybe it should even become the new national flag of The Real People of the United States of America. It could become the 21st century equivalent of the 18th century ritual of tarring and feathering.

Do you know why, or do I have to explain it further? Please work a little harder, and go for the eureka experience rather than make me say it.

We might need a different symbol to confront Hillary Clinton, especially now that she is joining herself at the hip to Rupert Murdoch (off the top of my head: yellow newspapers). Maybe she has an unconscious wish not to be president, and will continue to alienate even more people who might otherwise maintain the illusion that there's some substance to her.

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Date:2006-05-05 02:48
Subject:Thinking about thinking; OR: Finally, Joe Hipness breaks his silence

"Thinking can never be explained by anything other than itself, because it is always thinking that does the explaining."

This remark (from Don Cruse's book Evolution and the New Gnosis) jogged me out of whatever was keeping me from posting anything for a long time. I suppose all 3 (?) of my loyal readers have given up long ago... I guess I'll have to tell them that there's something new to read.

I still need to pick up on the idea I promised to cover in my previous post, so many days ago, the idea of container and content. What I had in mind was this, from an interview with physicist Henri Bortoft (from http://www.dialogonleadership.org/Bortoft-1999.html):

V. Inversion Of Container And Content

COS: In your book you talk about the inversion of container and content. Conventional science considers theory the container and facts the content of the phenomenon. For Goethe, in contrast, the sensory facts are the container that give rise to encountering the real phenomenon ("theory"). You write

"This transformation from an analytical to a holistic mode of consciousness brings with it a reversal between the container and the content. In the case of positivism, the theory is considered to be only the container for the facts. Now, if the theory, in Goethe’s sense, is the real content of the phenomenon, then it can be said that in the moment of intuitive insight we are seeing inside the phenomenon."

Henri Bortoft: Yes, the unfolding of nature in itself is an epistemological reversal. The source of the idea is the phenomenon itself. That relates to Aristotle’s idea of perception, which has been taken up in an astonishing way in our own time by Gadamer.

COS: When you practice the Goetheanic way of cognition would you go through a sequence where you experience this reversal?

Henri Bortoft: You see the metamorphosis. The plant is a dynamical movement. You see its leaves as traces that embody and manifest certain snapshots of this movement. That becomes so strong when you see it. That is the intuitive seeing from inside of the phenomenon. The dynamic movement is the reality.

COS: What you see are the traces that are left behind. Reality is the movement.

Henri Bortoft: I would call it dynamical.

* * *

It took a couple of readings of Bortoft's short book Goethe's Scientific Consciousness to feel like I was getting a clue about this kind of thinking.

Related to all this is the article "I = Awareness" by the psychiatrist Arthur Deikman:

(Abstract: Introspection reveals that the core of subjectivity — the 'I' — is identical to awareness. This 'I' should be differentiated from the various aspects of the physical person and its mental contents which form the `self'. Most discussions of consciousness confuse the 'I' and the 'self'. In fact, our experience is fundamentally dualistic — not the dualism of mind and matter — but that of the 'I' and that which is observed. The identity of awareness and the 'I' means that we know awareness by being it, thus solving the problem of the infinite regress of observers. It follows that whatever our ontology of awareness may be, it must also be the same for 'I'.)

It's covered in more detail in his book The Observing Self.

One quick way to put it is that each of us carries (or is carried by) an inner silent objective observer who corresponds to (or is) our feeling of being "I".

Deikman says that, even though it has often been unwittingly, the purpose of modern psychological work is to strengthen this observer. To go back to Barfield, this observer is one of the landmarks in the way consciousness has evolved over the centuries.

Fortuitously, this key line from the article echoes the quotation I put at the very beginning: "Awareness cannot be made an object of observation because it is the very means whereby you can observe."

And it echoes the ideas about self-reference I mentioned a long time ago.

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